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Deep well slurry pump suddenly can not run what to do
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Deep well slurry pump suddenly can not run what to do

(1) check the slurry pump body, shaft and impeller rotation is flexible. The impeller shaft is pulled outward, so that the impeller along the guide shell length, shell deflector extends out of the upper end axis of measurement; then the impeller axial push, the upper impeller to guide housing and shaft length measurement. Two length subtracted difference, is the actual axial clearance. On the flat ground slowly rolling slurry pump, check whether there is noise, if there is, then there is debris in the slurry pump body, should open the slurry pump body to remove. Check the head there is no bending and scars, guide housing with no loose and crack, if any, should be carried out, or find the relevant units return / replacement.

(2) check the drive shaft to both ends of the transmission shaft flat support in the two V shaped wood, slight rotation, with the dial indicator measuring bending value, any point of the bending degree if more than 0.2~0.4mm, should be coated with anti pounds straightening; drive shaft should be wiped clean; threaded ends of the shaft such as rust or bruising, should be clear and repair, and finally, on each axis is screwed into the joint inspection, coupling should be able to successfully spin to the shaft of the screw end, not loose not tight, otherwise we should replace or repair the drive shaft thread.

(3) check the slurry pumping pipe and couplings and thread connecting device.

(4) check the bearing bracket.

(5) check the motor.

Determine the slurry pumping pipe installation root number do so deep, determine the maximum length of pipe on the young man well, in order to determine the slurry pumping pipe installation root number.

Ready to install the tool installed deep well slurry pump required tools, with the slurry pump type and size vary. The installation quality for small deep well slurry pump 2~3t, can be attached to the car on the crane lifting.

In most cases, the three foot tower to install or deep well slurry pump, hanger height of not less than 6m. For deep well slurry pump quality small, for convenience, can be used to hoist lifting. A screw connecting pipe, when in installation, need to use chain tongs' the size must be with the pipe diameter, chain tongs should match the two, for, two pipe mutually rotate when using. In addition, should also be equipped with a pipe wrench two ordinary, dedicated to connecting screws fastening shaft.

If the drive shaft bearing seat is connected to the slurry pump internal thread, a special bearing seat wrench a. When in use, can be opened at both ends of the screw slurry pump clamping, clamping plate hole and slurry pump pipe diameter is generally, if the installation quality is not too deep well slurry pump can be made of wood, plywood.

In addition to the special tools, other general tool, such as a screwdriver, pliers, wrench, wire brush, hemp rope, white paint and lubricants and other items should be appropriate.


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