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Multi slurry pump how to classification
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Multi slurry pump how to classification

At present, the myriads of changes of slurry pump types, today Yongxin slurry pump for you to explain the slurry pump classification.

slurry pump classification: a lot of slurry pump types, which can be classified according to its working principle, characteristics and uses of the. In addition to the above basic classification method, there are other classification method. By end use sector can be divided into different industrial slurry pumps and agricultural slurry pumps, industrial slurry pumps can be divided into chemical slurry pump, oil slurry pump, power slurry pump, mine slurry pumps; according to the conveying fluid properties are different, can be divided into clear water slurry pump, sewage slurry pump, slurry pump, slurry pump, slurry pump, liquid ammonia acid mud slurry pump and liquid metal slurry pump; the slurry pump performance, use width and the structure can be divided into general slurry pumps and special slurry pumps; according to the size of the slurry pump working pressure can be divided into low pressure slurry pump, pressure slurry pump, high pressure slurry pump and high pressure slurry pump.

With the development of the slurry pumps, slurry pump classification in the continuous development. Use of various types of slurry pumps are different. As can be seen, the largest area of centrifugal slurry pump. Centrifugal slurry pump is divided into: multistage centrifugal slurry pumps, vertical centrifugal slurry pumps, horizontal centrifugal slurry pump etc.. The general flow in 5 ~ 2000m. /h, head in the range of 8 ~ 2800m, the use of centrifugal slurry pump is more appropriate. Because in this performance range, centrifugal slurry pump has high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow rate, simple structure, stable performance, easy to operate and repair etc.. Production practice shows that, the centrifugal slurry pump in the slurry pump products output value is the highest.


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