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How to install slurry pump?
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How to install slurry pump?
slurry pump type variety, slurry pump is a general term, to buy the use of many of the enterprises, but its installation has many needs to pay attention, here, Xiaobian for you to explain how to install slurry pump:
1, all the parts are checking whether there is defect, all paper pad to both sides to be coated with a layer of grease in bearing book, plus 2/3 butter
2, the framework oil seal must be filled with butter into the slurry pump seat, then loaded on the bearing
3, the sleeve is arranged on the 0 type seal ring with butter
4, the bearing is arranged on the motor seat, put a pad of paper, oil retaining ring, mounted on the shaft and the supporting tube is fixed by screws
5, put on a pad of paper, mounted on the bearing, shaft sleeve, keys, a pump seat and the impeller, impeller nut is tightened by hand after the rotating impeller, flexible rotation can be
6, put a pad of paper mounted pump shell, fixed with screws and mount the filter. Then the hand pulling impeller, flexible rotation can be
7, pump shaft is provided with a key and a driven shaft coupling, the shaft of the motor is installed on the key and the active coupling, then a fixed motor and motor seat bolts. Installed after the axial gap between the requirements and active coupling and driven shaft coupling should be 1-1.5 mm

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