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Classification of slurry pump
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Classification of slurry pump
The slurry pump is used for extraction of sand and slurry pump operation, in accordance with the slurry pump structure is different, can be divided into horizontal sand pump, vertical slurry pump and the submersible slurry pump three categories, the specific Xiaobian introduce you
A, horizontal sand pump is the reference impurity pump two-phase flow theory design, the sludge pump by testing and industrial operation test, has the characteristics of high hydraulic efficiency, good abrasion resistance, stable performance in the transportation of solid particles of the medium. The pump is suitable for enterprises in inland river dredging, dike built along the coast, and the coal mine, mine, power plant and other conveying slurry containing solid particles such as, transmission media concentration is above 40%, medium particles up to 50 mm
Structural characteristics:
1, mainly by the pump body, impeller, pump cover, protective plate, brackets and bearing components and other components
2, pump body, impeller, the material may be retaining plate gray cast iron, cast steel, alloy, and non manufacturing metal wear resistant materials, the user can use options when ordering
3, pump shaft seal with packing seal, packing room to join in the high-pressure washing water, the better to ensure the normal operation of the pump
4, steering pump from the water inlet is counterclockwise, look at the outlet of the pump in the horizontal direction from the inlet of the right, such as the need for on-site outlet can be adjusted in the range of 360 degrees
Two, vertical sand pump with high pressure water pump hydraulic digging and filling machine for dredging and reclamation works, but also with horizontal ship amphibious slurry pump multiple vertical pump series combination pump operation to form groups. Hydraulic dredging, excavation, filling unit for hydro mechanical construction, is a simulation of natural water washed principle, carried out by the role of hydraulic dredging, excavation work, water pressure generated by high pressure pump, the high-pressure water spray, injection pressure high speed water, water column impact soil and sand, the sand wet mixture, collapse, mud and mud mixed with synthetic, then the vertical slurry pump lifting, through the pipeline to the battlefield
Structural characteristics:
1, pump is composed of pump body, impeller, guard board, motor frame and bearing assembly and other components
2, pump shaft seal with rubber skeleton oil seal
Direction of rotation: 3, pump from the impeller inlet direction counterclockwise rotation
4, the Deputy impeller impeller is reduced back pressure, prolong the life-span of the seal
5, flow components are made of wear-resistance, erosion resistance
Three, submersible pump motor and pump cement is coaxial dive into the water, the pump flow components made of high alloy wear resistant material, has better wear resistance, flow passage. Submersible slurry pump to absorb advanced technology design and manufacturing at home and abroad, unique sealing device can effectively balance the oil chamber pressure, the maximum protection of the reliability of mechanical seal, motor overheating protection, water detection and protection and other protection measures, can the long-term safety operation in harsh conditions
The above is small make up for you to introduce the relevant knowledge about the slurry pump, it is used widely in our life, has brought us great convenience, Xiaobian follow-up will continue to release more information about the slurry pump, please pay attention!

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