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Main parts of slurry pump and operating principle
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1.Working principle of centrifugal slurry pump
The liquid must rotates with the impeller that is driven by high-speed spinning shaft when the motor start to run,under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid was thrown from the impeller center to the outer edge,because of the pressure of liquid level is much greater than the vacuum in the impeller,liquid will be continuously sucked and discharged by the pump as long as the impeller rotates.

2.Main parts of slurry pump

Horizontal slurry pump spares can be grouped into:slurry pump wet parts(that contact with liquid),slurry pump base(support), slurry pump cover plate and slurry pump frame plate,etc. Slurry pump base is made of cast iron which can reduce the vibration and noise visibly. General machinery parts are also widely used in slurry pump,such as bearings for the bearing assembly, screws, adjusting bolts,oil plug,o-ring,v-belts,pulley, flange,gasket,mechanical seal,gland packing seal,slurry pump manufacturers do not have to produce the above standard parts themselves. The cover plate and frame plate of the slurry pump are mainly used for protecting the wet parts, they are not consumables, so the slurry pump spares that most of our clients mentioned are including Volute, Impeller(open impeller,semi-open impeller,shrouded impeller), Cover plate liner, Frame plate liner,Throat bush, they are the core parts which contact with the transport medium directly when slurry pump operates, so the service life of wet parts are the shortest, although they are made of anti-wear materials. In addition, stuffing box and expeller are replaced frequently in slurry pump maintenance. Vertical slurry pump is is a single stage, single-suction vertical centrifugal pump,it doesn`t need any shaft seal and seal water when it generally immerses the pool or pit to work. Vertical sump pump is composed of mounting plate,volute casing,impeller,back liner, Bearing housing, column, discharge pipe, strainer. This type of submersible slurry pump is made of high-chrome alloy or anti-wear rubber.


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