china slurry pump
CQB stainless steel magnetic pump Capactiry:3.6~100m³/h Head:10~150m Design pressure:2.5
UHB-ZK Corrosion resistant wear-resistant plastic mortar pum Capactiry:20~350m³/h Head:15~50m Design pressure:1.6Mp
IH Stainless Steel Chemical Pump Capacity: 6.3-400m3/h; Head: 5-125m; Power: 0.55-110kw;
IHF fluoroplastic alloy chemical pump a) Caliber: DN40-DN125mm b) Flow: 6.3-250m3/hr c) Head:20-
SP Chemical Mixed-flow Pump Specifications 1.SP single stage chemical mixed flow pump
BCZ-BBZ Standard Chemical Pump Capacity" 2000m3/h Head:160m Operation Pressure 2.5Mp
BZA-BZAO Petrochemical Process Pump Size DN 25~400mm Capacity: Q up to 2600m3/h Head: H up to
FJX Axial Flow Evaporation Circulating Pump 1.FJX Axial Flow Evaporation Circulating Pump 2.Capcity:800
ZX centrifugal chemical self-priming pump 1.ZX chemical self-priming pump 2.Mature casting technical
CQB Fluorine Plastic Alloy Magnetic Pump 1.CQB Fluorine Plastic Alloy Magnetic Pump 2. Flow rate up
FYH Submerged Chemical Pump FYH Submerged Chemical Pump Capacity:6.3~400m3/h Head:5~8
SMC Horizontal Multistage Pump Performance Capacity: 4~600m3/h Head:100~1800m Pressure:1
SCCY Long Shaft Submerged Pump Performance Scope: Capacity:Q2-400m3/h Head: H5-100m Work
SBX low flow pump SBX Series is a small flow of oil chemical pump for small fl
FSB fluoroplastics centrifugal Chemical pump Specifications FSB type fluoroplastics chemical pump 1.

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