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SQB-type Enhanced Self-priming Single-stage Single-suction Centrifugal Pump

Flow: 10 to 2000 m3/h

Lift: 12.5 to 200 m


The SQB-type pump series belongs to advanced single-stage centrifugal pumps in the contemporary world which are developed by our drawing on Europe and America’s most advanced scientific research findings on hydraulic fluid dynamics and hydraulic models. Compared with IS-type pump series, it has advanced hydraulic models, wider efficient areas, richer parameters and larger flow and lift ranges in the context of the same mounting dimensions. The series meets ISO2858 and ISO2858 international standards and is widely produced in Europe, Australia and other countries. The maximum flow of the pump reaches 1500 m3/h and the maximum lift reaches 140m. Each pump has 5 different performance curves of impellers with different diameters and the lifts of the same type of pumps can be changes according to requirements of users. This series is suitable for  industrial and urban water supply, drainage and fire protection as well as agricultural irrigation and conveying clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water and the temperature of less than 80 .


1. When the pump starts, watering, vacuum pump and bottom valve are not needed. The pump can exhaust gases and prime water by itself and the self-priming altitude is high;

2. The self-priming time is short with the flow ranging from 6.3 to 750m3/h and the self-priming time ranging from 6 to 90 seconds(self-priming height of 4 meters);

3. The unique vacuum suction device makes the space between the liquid level and the impeller at a vacuum state, thereby reducing the cavitation damage to the impeller and effectively improving the pump operation efficiency and priming altitude;

4. Manual or automatic separation and reunion of the vacuum suction device is achieved through clutch mechanism so that the service life is prolonged and energy savings effect is increased.

5. With simple installation characteristics, the pump is mounted on the ground and can be used when the suction line is inserted into the water.


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