china slurry pump
SNB-type Enhanced Self-priming Mud Pump

Flow: 50 to 400 m3/h

Lift: 8 to 50 m




The SNB-type pump series belongs to single-suction mud pump. It is widely used for slurry pumping in the drilling, power plants, coal mines and steel mills, etc. It can substitute for current extensive used long-axis vertical mud pump with one arm hanging and suspending above the mud pool, thereby reducing the installation and operational risks and troubles.




1. When the pump starts, watering, vacuum pump and bottom valve are not needed. The pump can exhaust gases and prime water by itself and the self-priming altitude is high;

2. The self-priming time is short with the flow ranging from 100 to 500m3/h and the self-priming time ranging from 30 to 90 seconds;

3. The unique vacuum suction device makes the space between the mud level and the impeller at a vacuum state, thereby effectively improving the pump operation efficiency.

4. Manual or automatic separation and reunion of the vacuum suction device is achieved through clutch mechanism so that the service life is prolonged and energy savings effect is increased.

5. With simple installation characteristics, the pump is mounted on the ground and can be used when the suction line is inserted into the water.


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